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I am very curious how you go about reaching your predictions. Could you share that info bit by bit with your viewers? I suspect many would be interested in understanding this a little more.

Question submitted by John Boer
(Vancouver, BC)

John, I wish it was a simple process, but it's not!

Basically weather forecasting still boils down to pouring over numerical guidance charts, analysing current weather observations and understanding how the atmosphere will change with time under certain circumstances. Environment Canada does actually put some of their operational guidance charts on line - if you want to check them out, they can be found on the Environment Canada web site. There is even a small write up as to how the charts can be used.

I also use model output from other countries when it comes to looking at the longer term forecasts.

It takes me about 4 hours to do all the forecasting for the 18 cities that you see on the weather segment during The National. It takes me another 3-4 hours to forecast for BC and then make all the graphics that are required for the local show.

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