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When I look through the Environment Canada database, for most weather stations I find, very often, that on any given day the record low and record high are one year apart. Is there anything about weather patterns, that you know, that could explain this??

Question submitted by Mike


I get a lot of these type of questions. As you noted for example, on October 25th Hamilton, Ontario's record low was -2.8 degrees C set in 1962 and it's record high was 25.0 degrees C set just one year later in 1963. Unfortunately there is no tie between these kind of record events. I wish there was! It's purely part of the nature of a chaotic fluid (i.e. the atmosphere) moving through the course of space and time.

After thought: I just have to add an extra note here, because today Claresholm, AB saw something even more unusual than records set merely one year apart.. a record low and high temperature set all in one day! Yes, they started this morning at -10.1 deg C, which tied a record low set in 2004, meanwhile warm winds helped crank the temperature in the afternoon to a very pleasant 23.1 deg C breaking their old previous record of 22.2 deg C set back in 1953!

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