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I am thinking about a move to Vancouver Island in the new year. Can You tell me what area has the least rain and gets the most sun?! I dread the rain, but I know it's more than the Okanagan gets anywhere!

Question submitted by Angie
(Kelowna, B.C.)

Oh Dear Angie!! Be warned - the Island is much wetter than your current residence! Now that being said Victoria is historically much less wet than say Tofino. The "best" locations for dryness on the Island are those areas that fall in the rain shadow of the central highlands along the spine if the Island. Very broadly speaking areas on the east side of the island will be drier than areas on the west. I would however go check out the historical weather information published by Environment Canada.. the data that you are particularly interested in is the climatological rainfall amounts for each month for the various sites. Go to:

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