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Is it at all conceivable that we can somehow extract some of the extremely cold temperatures from our upper atmosphere to re-cool our Polar Regions?

Question submitted by Gary

Gary.. first off I'm adding the rest of your question here:
"I understand that the city of Toronto is running water pipes deep into the Great Lakes to serve as Air Conditioning for Business Towers...this is probably far fetched, but in the future could we not envisage super light carbon conduit materials that can be held aloft by a series of (solar powered) satellite space anchors that draw surface air into a super-chilled atmosphere and return the cold air back to the polar caps....sci-fi (for sure)?!"

This is such a great question.. but yes a little far fetched. The biggest issue with all this is in regards to the inability to transfer fluids/gasses/energy through very different layers of the atmosphere without losing much of the attributes of the actual fluid/gas/energy (simply put) to friction.

If we could get around this "loss through dispersal" effect, then I think something like ground level ozone (a real problem for us) would be the first gas we would need to "move". We could simply extract it and pump it back into those regions in the atmosphere undergoing ozone depletion!!

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