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Washroom Wee-view


bc-restroom-nixon-100707.jpgI love stories about bathrooms, if only to exercise my potty mouth.  So when we learned that two Vancouver companies were in the running for having the best public restrooms in the country, I just had to check them out.  Naturally, they are quite fabulous, though the idea of holding a contest about such things struck me as a tad odd. 

It turns out it is not so odd, once I discovered that a company that makes products for washrooms in hotels, restaurants and other public venues, is sponsoring the contest.  In fact, it was their idea.  No doubt they hope this helps sell more urinal disinfectant and the like - though if they simply got more companies thinking about clean bathrooms that would be good enough for me.  The places I've seen ....  Best Bathroom icon_video.gif