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bc-maple-nixon-100714.jpgI was quite pleased earlier this year when I learned that British Columbia has a fledgling maple syrup industry, mostly around Duncan on Vancouver Island.  But unfortunately, by the time I learned it existed the spring sap flow had ended for the year.  So that story will have to wait. 

The idea of hammering spigots into trees and turning them into taps for a delicious liquid has fascinatinated me, and no doubt you too.  Yet, being a Westerner, I've had almost no opportunity to see the maple farmers in action as they're concentrated in Ontario and Quebec.  A major part of Canada's heritage is missing from my soul, sob, sob. 

How pleased I was, then, to come upon a bit of that heritage as I wandered about the Wednesday afternoon farmer's market just outside Via Train station on Main Street in Vancouver.   Not only did I avoid doing a story about rutabagas, a part of my life became more complete.  Sugaring Off icon_video.gif