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bc-home-nixon-100715.jpgWith always intriguing variation, Vancouver life has a charming flow to it each year.  The rains come, occasionally the winter snows, spring can be wet or dry, summer late or early.  The Canucks play and make it to the first round, sometimes to the second and twice - oh the near magic of '82, of '94! 

It is pleasing to know that in an ever changing city, some things stay pretty much the same.  Take the PNE, always the last two weeks of August, always with the Superdogs, milking cow contests, and the Prize Home.  For me, prize home time always means trooping through the place along with all kinds of other media folk in advance of the public opening.  But not this year - I got to tag along with the first members of the public to get a look see.  Alma and Arnold icon_video.gif