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bc-world-nixon-100718.jpgWho has not dreamed of getting on a bicycle and cycling all around the world?  I would guess, almost everybody.  It's not something we think about because it's too far, too long, and too tough.  Some of us might convince ourselves that it's something we could do - given our incredible fitness and quirky nature.  But really, seriously, it's crazy, right? 

Well crazy is exactly the reason Vancouver's Michael Schratter is planning to complete his round the world bike trip in slightly more than a year.  He hopes to draw attention to the way people with mental illness are viewed in Canadian society, and around the world.  Schratter, who is mildly bipolar, senses people think mentally ill people are dangerous and wants to fight that perception.  It's a noble goal, and I hope he succeeds.  Fortunately, he has ridden across Canada once before - so he knows what he's getting into in a way.  After all, cycling the world is only five times longer.  Yikes!  Global Trek icon_video.gif