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Photo Contest


bc-hope-nixon-100601.jpgOne backstory of the annual Hope in Shadows photography contest concerns a little incentive people get to participate.  For eight years, the Pivot Legal Society has sponsored this event - handing out a few hundred throw away cameras to people in the downtown eastside and asking them to take pictures of their community.  When they hand in the cameras after three days and used up all the film (I was surprised they still make film throwaways), each competitor gets five bucks.  Many people confess that's what drew them to the photo contest in the first place.  In a place where many people are constantly broke, five bucks is five bucks and their pictures might win a prize for more money.  

So everyone comes out a winner and, in the process, some great photos get taken.   And for one fellow, the contest helped him reunite with his family.  Family Reunion icon_video.gif