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bc-brow-nixon-100530.jpgRemember Hugh Griffiths?  Probably not.  But he was a Welsh actor with a slightly wonky eye that would have drawn your attention but for the man's amazing thatch of eyebrows.  They were so long the man could have braided them like Pippi Longstocking and tied them at the back of his head.  I do not know if this is a Welsh trait, but I've got a bit of Wales in me and have noticed that as the years go by my own brows have developed an unruly Griffiths like tendency.  Generally, I combat this unwanted growth with a pair of scissors which usually ends in exposed brow flesh or bloodshed.  That's when I ask my barber to do it. 

Now I discover there is an ancient technique developed in India that can control my Griffithsitis.  It's something South Asian women know all about - and other women too.  But it's not yet mainstream - though could that change?  Watch this and tell me what you think.  Brow Beaten icon_video.gif