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bc-afghan-nixon-100420.jpgOwing to the hockey play-offs, our stories have to be a little shorter than normal, as our news show is only half an hour long rather than the usual ninety minutes.  That's why for this story I was unable to put in a key point about my main character. 

John Hall is well known to people on False Creek seawall because of his daily walks to Granville Island in the company of his pack of dogs.  But I almost did not get this story done in time when he told me he had been the keyboard player with the legendary Vancouver rock band 'Prism'.  As soon as I got back to the office, I was on youtube pulling up live 1970s performances of Starship Superstar and Armagedden.  Amazing stuff.  Winner of the 'Group of the Year' Genie in 1980, my mention of Prism drew blank stares from the younger CBC folk.  But listen to lead singer, the late Ron Tabak, sing and you'll see where Axl Rose might have got his sound.  (Surely the name Axl Rose wouldn't produce blank stares, would it?)

Anyway, the piece made it to air and did not really need the Prism reference.  Hall has moved on, plays piano at the Joe Fortes restaurant these days.  Besides, touring with a rock band would have made his dog walks pretty tough.  Afghan Man icon_video.gif