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bc-kings-nixon-100423.jpgI realize it is still early in the playoff and the high emotion that we might see during game seven of the final is still weeks away.  But when I ventured onto the streets of downtown Vancouver dressed as a Los Angeles Kings fan and proceeded to badger Canuck fans, I expected at least a little hostility.  Apparently Kings fans, desperate souls all, could be downright nasty about the Canucks, as Sporty Shane Foxman discovered when he travelled with team to cover the games in LA.  The Sedins got labelled the 'Ginger Twins'.  When the fans shouted Roberto's last name it came out "Lou-ser". 

Did we respond in kind?  I won't give it away, but I detect the Olympic sense of fair play - and maybe the memory of Canada's big hockey victory in February - lingers here still.

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