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Spring Treat


bc-nettles-nixon-100321.jpgI remember the day like it was yesterday.  Imagine me, a poor, defenceless 11 year old minding his business in the park when suddenly a chance encounter with a malicious plant sent me into paroxysms of pain.  Never mind that I was trying to capture a feral turtle sunning itself beside a pond at the time.  Never mind that I had to climb a chain link fence to get near the reptile.  No, my friends, no such transgressions ever deserves the punishment of stinging nettles. 

I writhed and jiggled and bopped about like a crazy kid in futile efforts to rid myself of that terrible itch.  Finally it ended when I ran almost a marathon to a water fountain where the cooling waters lessened the pain.  I had learned my lesson, folks.  Forevermore, turtles have been safe from me. 

So imagine my surprise when I recently discovered someone actively seeking out that vicious herb.  What an education I was in for. Nettle Madness! icon_video.gif