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Pizza Spinning Champ

So here I am, just back from my first trip to Mexico in 20 years and, for my first story, I get to meet a fellow in Vancouver who is from Mexico City.  This is not important to the story I did, except that within two minutes of it running on TV - I got an e-mail from a viewer in Palm Springs, California which I share with you now... 


 You should brush up on your spanish if your going to report on latino people.  Hermosillo is pronounced er-ma-see-yo. In spanish the LL is a separate letter called eh-yeah and it's pronounced like a y."

Now, I don't know much Spanish ('jugo de naranja, por favor' is my favourite expression), though I certainly knew the LL rule.  But, as my Palm Springs viewer correctly noticed, I ignored it in this story.  So I shall try to avoid such pronunciation manglings in the future.  Here then is the item - as it ran - with apologies to Juan.  Pizza Prodigy icon_video.gif

By the way, I'm going to get to the bottom of this watching the CBC from Palm Springs business.  How is it done?  Why is it done?  Are any of you folks out there viewing us from, say, Rio di Janeiro or Tokyo?