Who's who on the news team?

There's a lot that goes into making a news story. What starts as an idea, takes a team of people with lots of different skills to work together to get to the story you see on the air, hear on the radio or read online.

Here is a brief description of some of people that make up the news team:

The Host
These are the most recognizable faces on CBC and voices on CBC Radio. You hear and see them everyday, as they bring you stories that matter to you and your family. But they are not just reading, they are trained journalists and their roles involve writing and editing stories as well as the headlines, participating in editorial meetings to help establish and drive the news agenda, and making sure the story is promoted and delivered in the best way possible. They do their own interviews and sometimes will chase special stories as well.

Sports reporters
Sports reporters at CBC write, edit and present their reports. They generally will go out to live events and conduct interviews themselves. They decide on what stories to present and monitor what's happening in sports on a local, national and international level.

CBC has both weather announcers and meteorologists. Both have to be trained in their field. They watch weather patterns and environmental reports as well as news that impacts the weather on state of the art equipment.

They report the most current weather conditions in Vancouver, as well as in other parts of B.C., and across the country.

Executive Producer
The Executive Producer oversees the news assignment process and makes sure it is aligned with the editorial policy. They will also manage programming for network and local shows for tv, radio and the web.

The assignment editor will also choose which stories will be promoted, and vet special news segments such as "Go Public".

Assignment Producer
The assignment producer assigns reporters and cameras for tv, radio and the web.

They manage how stories appear online, and how they will be developed throughout the day. They work with show producers and help set priorities based on how many reporters and cameras are available.

The assignment producer also monitors what competing news outlets are covering, and answers email and the phone lines regarding news tips.

Associate Producer (Assignment – morning)
The Associate Producer monitors content on CBC Radio's The Early Edition and assists the Radio News Announcer with appropriate audio clips from tv. They assist in monitoring the competition, listening to the scanners and responding to news tips via email and the phone. They will assist in the 'look ahead' which is a pre-planning document that anticipates follow up to certain stories, or stories we know are going to be covered in the future. They also take videotape and upload visual images into production software called 'ingest'.

Associate Producer (Assignment – afternoon)
The Associate Producer assists in monitoring the competition, listening to the scanners and responding to news tips via email and the phone. They assign resources including cameras, editing resources and satellite feed time. They will manage incoming and outgoing news feeds and collect and assign all news stories for CBC's Newsworld.

Senior Producer Assignment Desk
The Senior Producer is responsible for overseeing resources including camera and reporters for afternoon assignments. They will reassign resources for tv, radio and the web as breaking news events happen. They will also produce news stories for radio.

Senior Producer – Show
The Senior Producer for the show makes decisions related to the tv news show as well as live reporting. They will oversee show and story development throughout the day. They will also write, edit and approve show content. Other responsibilities include editing clips, voice overs and rough cuts of stories.

Producer – Line-up
The Line-Up Producer organizes the story line-up for the evening tv news. They will write, edit and produce show content as well as evening newsbreaks. They will also edit clips, voice overs and rough cuts of stories.

Producer – Control Room
The Control Room producer writes, edits and produces content for tv news. They are responsible for the show actually going to air in the evening. They will also edit clips, voice overs and stories.

Producer – Top Story
The Executive Producer or the Senior Show Producer assigns the Top Story producer each day. They will conduct research on the top stories and assemble visuals, write the story in multiple versions and will coordinate the reporters who are on big stories of the day. They will also edit clips, voice-overs and rough cuts of stories.

Producer – Story
The Story Producer researches and produces same day breaking news stories. They will also research and pitch long-term investigative projects.

They will conduct research on the top stories and assemble visuals, write the story in multiple versions and will coordinate the reporters who are on big stories of the day. They will also edit clips, voice-overs and rough cuts of stories.

Senior Producer – Environment Unit
This person leads the team that provides stories for all three platforms at a network level. They will edit clips, voice overs and rough cuts of stories.

Associate Producer – Environment Unit
The Associate Producer – Environment Unit researches and pitches stories for tv, radio and the web. They write and edit their stories as well.

Reporters work on stories of the day as well as long term investigative stories over all platforms, tv, radio and the web. They research news tips, go out for interviews and live coverage of breaking news events for both the local and network programs. The will also write and edit their stories. Specific reporters have been assigned to the Legislature, sports, the web, bureaus and specials such as "Go Public" and "Bob's World".

News Editor and Presenter
This dual role includes editing and announcing local news stories.

Videojournalist (VJ)
This multi-faceted role focuses on top stories for tv as well as live coverage. They will pitch, research, shoot, and edit their own stories.

This person is responsible for the way the show looks on-air. They will supervise the graphics, newsbreaks and direct the show. They will also coordinate the technical resources needed for each show and maintain the technical quality of the show.

This person is responsible to provide back up for the Director and ensure graphics are in place for each show and the show is timed appropriately. As well, they will line up studio cameras and ensure all lights and equipment are working. They may do some editing as well.

Newsroom Production Coordinator
This position is responsible for working with the Assignment Desk to coordinate and shoot Studio and Newsroom hits for local and network shows. They are also responsible for ensuring all equipment is working. They greet guests and inform the assignment desk. As well, they are responsible for moving cameras for the show, and the weather hits, as well as moving set pieces.

The graphics team is responsible for creating story and show graphics. They may run the teleprompter and cameras as well.

Lighting Director
This person is responsible for making sure the lighting in the studio is working and in place.

Promo Producer
The Promo Producer is responsible for producing spots on TV promoting the news, specifically lead stories for the day. This person will attend assignment meetings so they know what stories are being covered that day, they work with reporters on what their stories will be about, then they write the scripts, source out footage, coordinate graphics and production and ensure the promos make it to air on time.

This person operates the camera. They will shoot footage on location, live hits and in studio. They will also do some field editing. Some videographers will also monitor scanners and breaking news alerts and liaise with the assignment desk. They upload their footage to 'ingest' so it is ready for packaging, and will send footage to network news as well.

SNG Operator
This person is also responsible for shooting as well as operating the satellite truck for live hits, feeds and remote broadcasts. They are responsible for overseeing the on-going technical operation and maintainence of resources. The will also edit some of their footage required for the show.

The Editor is responsible for editing news items, preparing headlines, future stories and other production items.

Media Librarian
The media librarian maintains footage, logs local news items, stock shots and archival material. They review the daily news stories and create files to assist in story production.

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