cbc investigates Clients of convicted immigration consultant facing deportation for lying

Hundreds of Chinese immigrants, who relied on a B.C.-based consultant convicted in a sprawling immigration scam, are now facing deportation, CBC News has learned. Nov 29

'Too toxic to touch': Police struggle to deal with fentanyl

The RCMP say fentanyl is a game-changer that's forcing law enforcement to look at new ways to deal with the synthetic opioid which is finding its way into virtually all street drugs in B.C. and across the country. Sep 15

point of view The new face of fentanyl addiction: Kati's story

Kati Mather thought it would be fun to try fentanyl as a party drug. After 11 overdoses, the 22-year-old lives life one day at a time, wondering if she'll wake up tomorrow. Sep 20 video

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