cbc investigates 'It keeps calling my name': Fentanyl overdose in B.C. rehab centre prompts coroner's inquest

"I'm struggling, I can't hold it," Michelle Jansen remembers her 20-year-old son telling her when she visited him on his third day of rehab. She says she asked the medical team to do something because he was in a "very dangerous period" but hours later he was dead. Sep 14

cbc investigates 'It's like pulling teeth': No treatment bed for B.C. fentanyl addict who returned from the dead

Bryson Diaz has overdosed 11 times in his 23 years. Paramedics had to bring him back to life the last time. Now he wants to kick his habit, but like many addicts in B.C., he can't find a spot in the publicly funded system. Sep 13

interactive Are there enough beds for drug treatment in B.C.?

An investigation by CBC reveals that when it comes to people trying to get help for their loved ones through direct residential care, the system is muddled and patchwork. Sep 12

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