cbc investigates Philippines-based church has 'means and motivation' to kill refugee if returned: IRB

The Immigration and Refugee Board has found a Philippines-based church with chapters across Canada "is motivated by a vendetta" against a dissident who sought refugee status in B.C., and has "both the means and the motivation to seriously harm or kill" him, should he return to the Philippines. Jan 25

Farm blamed for sickening stink repeatedly violated environmental orders

A family-owned feedlot in South Surrey is believed to be the source of strong odours that have triggered numerous complaints from neighbours. Its owners have been sent multiple warning letters over non-compliance by the Environment Ministry. Jan 25

cbc investigates B.C. victims of government-funded brainwashing experiments want apology

Two B.C. residents are speaking out about the price they paid for brainwashing experiments done by researchers at the Allan Memorial Institute in Montreal in the 1950s and 1960s. Dec 15

cbc investigates B.C. dog rescue accused of failing to properly vet animals, people in pet adoptions

Eight people have contacted CBC News to flag concerns about Vancouver-based Big and Small Rescue Society. They say the group does not conduct behavioural assessments on the dogs before putting them up for adoption, nor vet potential adopters or fosterers. Dec 04

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