cbc investigates 'Weak oversight' plagued B.C. megaproject, which insiders believe cost taxpayers millions

The B.C. government overpaid millions for the Port Mann Bridge project because there was no rigorous verification of invoicing, timing and completion of work, according to six sources at two separate auditing firms and hundreds of documents leaked to CBC News. Sep 07

cbc investigates Inside CBC's Port Mann Bridge investigation

How do you research a story about the biggest transportation project in B.C. history, when no one attached to the project will speak on the record, and all you have are stacks of jargon-filled documents? Sep 07

cbc investigates Check your tickets: Air Canada cancels bookings without warning

CBC has learned a number of Air Canada customers have had tickets cancelled without warning — the latest involving a Vancouver woman who learned her ticket had been refunded when she checked her credit card statement. An air passenger rights advocate says it appears Air Canada's fraud detection system is rejecting valid credit charges. Jun 07

cbc investigates Investigators and Vancouver police union in 'battle of wills' over fatal takedown

CBC News has learned the 19 month investigation into death of Myles Gray at the hands of Vancouver Police has been stalled by a battle between the police union and the Independent Investigations Office. The union says its members have lost confidence in the IIO ‘100 per cent’. The civilian body says the union is misrepresenting the facts. Mar 17

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