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Looking back on Vancouver's Games

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This weekend will mark the end of an exciting two weeks for Olympians and spectators in Vancouver. While the Paralymics will keep the city's energy alive, many attractions will close following Sunday's Closing Ceremonies.

As many events and attractions begin to wind down, I decided to spend my morning in the city centre at Robson Square. Despite the rain, many locals and visitors were gathered around the square's ice rink to take part in Olympic-related activities. I spoke to several people who were eager to share their experiences and memories of the 2010 Games gone by. Here's what some folks had to say:

On a side note, I also had some fun of my own while venturing around Robson Square this afternoon. For my last day as Olympics intern at CBC, I decided to battle my nerves and face the Robson Square Zip Line that has attracted thousands of visitors since the 2010 Games began. Alongside CBC B.C.'s Regional Web Developer Gloria Leung, I made my way up 80 terrifying steps to zip across the square. My multitasking, camera-savvy counterpart was able to capture the event.