Breakdown - The Culture of Mental Illness

The Early Edition explores the causes, consequences and possible solutions to dealing with mental illness in Metro Vancouver's culturally diverse populations. 

Monday, September 9 - The struggles facing Metro Vancouver healthcare providers to adapt their services to different cultures.

Tuesday, September 10 - How can healthcare providers identify mental illness in patients when cultural and language barriers make effective communication a challenge? 

Wednesday, September 11 - Refugees fleeing persecution and violence come to Canada to rebuild their lives. But many are silently battling with mental illness and post-traumatic stress disorder and how can they get the help they need?

Thursday, September 12 - Impoverished conditions in First Nations reservations contribute to a higher rate of mental health problems. Is the key to overcoming mental illness reconnecting with their culture?

Friday, September 13 - Tune in to a round table discussion to discuss some of the challenges brought up throughout this week's special: Breakdown - The Culture of Mental Illness. Rick Cluff will be joined by the medical director of psychiatry at Vancouver Coastal Health - Dr. Soma Ganesan and MLA Jenny Kwan of the BC NDP.

This special series was produced in part by Steven Chua - recipient of the Langara Read-Mercer Fellowship.  

Tune in to The Early Edition's Rick Cluff on CBC Radio One at 5:30 am. 88.1 FM/690 AM in Metro Vancouver

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