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June 29:  Faces of Palliative Care - 7PM

The practice of palliative care is rapidly evolving in Canada.  No longer regulated to the dire and dark corners of a hospital, palliative caregivers now strive to provide meaningful and comfortable end of life experiences for both patients and their families.  Two years in the making, this documentary provides a very personal window into the changing world of palliative care through the stories of patients and the staff who look after them.

July 13:  Bif Naked: More Than Skin Deep - 9PM

This candid profile of an artist, writer, lover, and survivor looks at Bif Naked's journey from being adopted by missionaries in New Delhi, to making gold records in Canada, to surviving cancer and inspiring others to make positive changes in their own lives. Naked's feel-good story of success in the face of adversity includes recently produced, exclusive concert footage with band members of Delhi 2 Dublin. 

July 20:  Return to Byzantium:  The Art and Life of Lilian Broca - 7PM

This documentary follows internationally renowned Vancouver artist Lilian Broca as she searches for her cultural identity in her birth country of Romania. As Broca seeks answers, her brilliant artwork reveals new, deeper meanings. Returning to the place she fled as a young girl, Broca comes to understand her desire to revive the ancient Byzantine method of mosaic, as if each fragment of her work's luminescent glass reflects light on her shadowed past.

July 27:  What A Difference: A Tribute to Dinah Washington with Jaclyn Guillou - 7PM

Vancouver Jazz songstress Jaclyn Guillou is known for putting a fresh contemporary jazz spin on music steeped in tradition - making old school the new cool.  One of her heroes is Dinah Washington, one of the all time greatest voices of pop, jazz and blues.  Backed by an all-star band, Jaclyn interprets Dinah's most beloved songs in this stylish tribute.

August 3:  Wilds to Riches  7PM

Bringing gold fever to life, Wilds to Riches follows today's gold miners as they dig up the famous stories from BC's gold rush past in a quest to find a lost fortune.  Wilds to Riches is a documentary following the characters who take great risks searching for gold in B.C.'s Cariboo country - in the 1860s through today.  They may strike it rich--or, like most gold miners, lose everything feeding their fever.     

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