Which party best represents your values?


With the election coming up in a few weeks, the amount of information on how each candidate plans to address issues can be overwhelming. CBC has partnered with Vote Compass for BC Votes. Vote Compass is a unique application which helps voters decide what party best aligns with issues that matter to them. 

You can only find Vote Compass on the CBC website. Try it out now at cbcnews.ca/votecompass

You will be guided through a quick survey that asks for your opinions about issues such as health care, the economy and transit - but also gets into specifics like the Enbridge pipeline, Aboriginal land claims and the B.C. carbon tax. The results reveal how your values and views compare to the policies of the political parties. 

For the latest coverage on the BC Election 2013 (and to view live updates) visit cbc.ca/bcvotes2013.

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