On the Water's Edge - July 30 - August 3

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The Water's Edge


Beginning July 30th, tune into CBC Radio One's On The CoastCBC News Vancouver at 6 pm, and pick up this week's copy of Business in Vancouver for "The Water's Edge" - a special series of stories about recreational boating. Just how much does it cost to own and moor a boat in the Lower Mainland? We'll look at why it is so tough to find moorage in Vancouver and what that means for the many small businesses who rely on the recreational boating industry.  


Here's what we'll be looking at on On The Coast (weekdays on CBC Radio One from 3 - 6pm):


Monday July 30th: There's an old saying about owning a boat. It goes like this.  A boat is a hole in the water into which money is thrown. But just how much does it cost to own a boat in the lower mainland? The CBC's Jason D'Souza has the story.


Tuesday July 31st:

Looking for a slip? Join the club. Freelance journalist and CBC contributor Luke Brocki looks at the problems of a city of boaters desperate for marina space and suggests possible solutions to the shortage of mooring options.


Wednesday August 1st: There are hundreds of small businesses involved in the boating 'biz'. We'll introduce you to the nautical entrepreneurs who are selling the dream.


Thursday August 2nd: If you had a boat, what would you call it? 'The Sea-U-Later'? 'A Fish Too Far?' B.C.'s marinas are filled with strange and whimsically named boats. Meet the mariners & hear what's behind the names for their beloved boats.


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