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Tune in to CBC Radio One's The Early Edition with Rick Cluff from 5:30am - 8:37am and watch CBC News Vancouver at 6pm with hosts Tony Parsons and Gloria Macarenko for these special reports.

Monday, June 25 - Go Public with Kathy Tomlinson
We examine the security risks with medical data companies.

Tuesday, June 26 - CBC Investigates: Hot Metal Segment 1 - in partnership  with the Vancouver Sun
We'll reveal hidden camera footage of a dealer buying stolen wire, and even a telus phone booth! 
Wednesday, June 27 - Security Fines
B.C. securities commission is the worst in the country when it comes to not collecting fines. A victim of bad investment advice speaks out and we try to track the perpetrator down.

Tsunami States
How are Washington and Oregon managing their tsunami debris cleanup efforts?  What's washing up on the shores and why are they going out with Geiger counters? 

CBC Investigates: Hot Metal Segment 2 -We'll introduce you to a business that's had many thefts. Telus shows us their damage and repairs and how much these thefts are costing us. And, where is all the metal going?

Thursday, June 28 - CBC Investigates: Hot Metal Segment 3
We'll look into why the current bylaws aren't working. And will the new provincial laws fix the problem?

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