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2011 BIV Forty under 40.jpgCBC Vancouver is proud to support the annual Business in Vancouver Forty Under 40 Awards in its 22nd year celebrating the great success of the innovative and ambitious business individuals under 40 in the city.

This year's Top 40 winners represent an array of business industries ranging from alternative energy, technology software, health care services, eco-friendly packing services to online suit-retailer and money-monitoring group.

Get to know some of the top 40 business achievers better on CBC News Vancouver and CBC Radio One's On The Coast this week. CBC News Vancouver will feature one of the top 40 winner's success stories each evening between 5:30 - 6 pm. Listen to Stephen Quinn, host of On The Coast from 3pm - 6pm each day for an exclusive interview with one of the winners.

For a full list of the Top 40 winners and their business achievements, visit biv.com. Check out some of the CBC Top 40 stories that have been aired this week: 

Monday, December 12

On The Coast: Lawyer Ryan Dalziel who at age 29 who has already tried eight cases in front of the Supreme Court of Canada.

CBC News Vancouver: Janice Cheam of Energy Aware is one trailblazing CEO has turned a school project into an international business

Tuesday, December 13

On The Coast: Jennifer Duff, Director of Mental Health at Providence Health Care talks to Stephen Quinn about how her career started from being a registered nurse.

CBC News Vancouver: Doug Burgoyne of Frogbox tried numerous jobs before he decided to run his own business renting environmentally friendly moving boxes.

Wednesday, December 14

On The Coast: Rebecca Shields of Canadian Mental Health Association on being a social profit organization.

CBC News Vancouver: The youngest of this year's winner is online suit retailer Indochino's 26 year old CEO and founder Kyle Vucko.

Thursday, December 15

On The Coast: Tim Meyer, Head of Strategic Planning & Communications at TRIUMF gives an insight of working with Canada's national particle and nuclear physics lab.

CBC News Vancouver: Matt Fraser who always had a passion for healthy activities is the President and COO of Yyoga.

Friday, December 16

On The Coast: Anita Huberman tells Stephen Quinn on how she became the CEO of Surrey Board of Trade and how she helps to build businesses in the local community 

CBC News Vancouver: Anita Huberman, CEO of Surrey Board of Trade started with a summer job throughout University and worked her way up with creativity and innovative contributions.

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