CBC News Special Report on Canada's Infrastructure: The Big Fix


Canada's crumbling infrastructure needs billions of dollars worth of basic maintenance, and that's not counting the billions more needed to upgrade and modernize it. Starting this Sunday, November 20th, CBC News is featuring a special report:The Big Fix that goes into communities across the country to take a closer look at what's being done, what's needed most, and how Canadians will pay for it all. 

Our coverage across all CBC News platforms will explore the issues that matter to Canadians concerning major problems with the infrastructure where they live.

CBC British Columbia is also taking part in the series with local programming including The Early Edition and CBC News Vancouver.

Debut: Sunday, November 20
CBC News will talk about the one quarter of all waste water treatment plants that will need to be replaced when the government implements new regulation standards at the end of this year.  

Monday, November 22
Melanie Nagy kicks off the week on CBC News Network, and World Report and with the results of our exclusive CBC News poll that asks Canadians how much they are willing to pay  to improve their commute. You'll be surprised at the results. 

Rick Cluff and The Early Edition team will be looking at the scope of Canadian Infrastructure problem: How bad is it, what's the funding shortfall and why it is lacking?. Also, the show will feature an interview about what it will take to fix Canada's infrastructure problems  

Throughout the week, CBC News Vancouver at 5, 5:30 and 6 pm will be looking at the current situation of the Canadian Infrastructure and how it is affecting the local community. On Monday, the coverage will feature matters such as: commuters and their willingness to pay tolls to improve their commute and or to switch to public transit, an update on the massive construction project, the Port Mann bridge. 
On Tuesday, there will be a story on
 how new technology is making seismic testing and upgrading of schools faster and more cost effective

On Wednesday, CBC News Vancouver will feature a story on how Abbotsford wrestles with a coming water shortage and a solution, as well as how much more we'll all be paying for water and sewage over the next decade.


How would YOU finance the Big Fix?
The Online Calculator Game:  Go online and try for yourself.  Our web game lets you find a solution to the infrastructure problems facing Canada's cities. At our website: cbcnews.ca/bigfix


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