DOXA: Films you won't see anywhere else

DOXA, Western Canada's largest documentary film festival, explodes in 2011 with an exceptional lineup of films. There is something for everyone, from the rude rough world of skate 
punks to the rarified visions of Vancouver's photo-conceptualists.

DOXA kicks off the festival with an all ages show at Vancouver's legendary Vogue Theatre with Louder than a Bomb! The film follows four teams of Chicago-area high school students as they prepare and perform at the world's largest youth poetry slam. DOXA's closing film presents the visual majesty of the world's most ancient cave art in Werner Herzog's stunning 3D opus Cave of Forgotten Dreams

In honour of the City's 125th Anniversary, DOXA is very proud to present a special Spotlight on Vancouver. From vintage Vancouver images to the world premieres of new films about the city and its people, Spotlight on Vancouver creates a kaleidoscopic portrait of this place we call home.

The second edition of the Justice Forum presents 11 different films and a diverse collection of experts, filmmakers and activists who directly address Canadian and international struggles for justice and human rights through passionate exchange and open dialogue. 

As the means of capturing reality continue to develop, DOXA is committed to presenting the most innovative and exciting forms of documentary film, be they 3D images, digital interactive stories, or good old-fashioned 16mm film stock (rescued and restored from Hurricane Katrina). 

The festival runs from May 6th to 15th, tickets are available at or in person at Videomatica and the People's Co-op Bookstore (cash only).

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