The Niqãb: Freedom or Oppression?

An Exploration of Fundamentalism, Feminism and Expression
with Farzana Hassan 

April 16, 2011 - 8 pm
UBC Chan Centre

About Farzana Hassan:
A committed Muslim, women's rights activist, author of Islam Women and the Challenges of Today and past president of the Muslim Canadian Congress, Hassan regularly criticizes fundamentalism and extremism in her religion. As she has said, "fighting Islamic extremism and opposing terrorism is a crucial way of countering the rising tide of Islamophobia."

Is the niqāb a symbol of religious expression, or a tool of oppression? Farzana Hassan, outspoken and controversial commentator on Islam and Muslim issues, believes that the face-covering veil traditionally worn by Islamic women represents the latter.

The Multiculturalism Lecture will open with a performance by Amy and Amir, husband-and-wife musicians who seamlessly blend the sounds of Celtic and Persian music.

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