Here's how it works…

Towards the end of each broadcast Ron MacLean will announce that voting is open. Voting will close on Tuesdays at 8pm EST.

Everyone gets one vote. If you come to the website during the voting window, it will be here waiting for you. However, if you register an account on this website (click the sign in button) you have the opportunity to earn and cast extra votes!!!

In different sections of the website there will be challenges, quizzes, and stuff you can do to earn more votes.

It's really easy to get the hang of it once you sign up.

Here's a few handy hints to get you started…

Once you've signed in, your profile page contains all of your information - just click on your name to get there. 

The challenges page will list all the quizzes and word twisters available for you to complete.

And more information can always be found in the help page.

So, have fun and remember, the more you play, the more votes you earn, the more power you have! Voting is subject to our voting terms

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