Meet BOTB Competitor Scott Thornton

Birthplace: London, ON

Current Hometown: Collingwood, ON

Charity: Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation

Career Highlights

  • 1991 Canadian World Juniors
  • 1989 First-round draft pick (third overall) to Toronto Maple Leafs
  • Played 18 Seasons in played in the NHL
  • Over 1000 games in NHL

Before entering the NHL, Scott played for the OHL’s Belleville Bulls and the AHL’s Newmarket Saints. He began his professional hockey career when the Toronto Maple Leafs drafted him 1st round in the 1989 NHL Entry Draft. During his first season, Scott played 33 games and achieved one goal and three assists. In 1991, he assisted his team in reaching gold during the Canadian World Juniors in Saskatoon. He later went on to play with the Edmonton Oilers and was eventually traded to the Montreal Canadiens. He joined the Dallas Stars in 1999, and scored the team nine post-season points during the Stanley Cup finals before signing with the San Jose Sharks in 2000. Before his retirement in July 2008, he signed a two-year contract with the Los Angeles Kings. Today, Scott runs his own CrossFit facility in Collingwood where he can still train and encourage others to stay fit and healthy.

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