Battle Breakdown

Battle of the Blades just wrapped up a successful fourth season and we need to thank the incredible fans for helping us get here.

Throughout the season, we wanted to make sure the audience was excited about the show, not just for one hour on Sundays, but all week long and voting along the way from their computers, tablets and smart phones.

The super-fans were always looking for more ways to support their pairs and we want to give them that chance: We wrote blogs (over 34,000 words) and made videos (over 80 minutes of exclusive content), AND they got extra votes just for checking them out.

There were new chances to earn votes every day: Complete the challenges, setting an allegiance, predicting the outcome, checking in while watching, attending the live show and sending in fan photos supporting the skaters.

Did you know that Battle Nation completed over 500 000 challenges during the season?

A little swag goes a long way – and so did our Battle Kits. We sent BOTB hats, flags, balloons stickers and ballot cards to Battle fans across the continent and they sent us photos from their party.

By the finale we had sent out sixty Battle Kits and enjoyed seeing the amazing party photos live on the broadcast – The fans helped us make the show even better!

Did you know that Battle Nation submitted over 3000 photos & videos in support of their favourite pairs?

Did you ever think you could be the fourth judge on the panel? This season we gave the audience that chance with a game called ‘You Be The Judge’. While watching from home, fans could play the game online which showed two special moves from the routine.

After watching the live performance, fans could score the pair and also see how the rest of Canada scored them too. You could even share your score on social media while earning extra votes along the way!

The most important part of Battle has never changed: It’s the chance to give help those in need. During this fourth season, the total amount of money donated to charity surpassed one million dollars! We at BOTB are privileged to be a part of that and to help make a TV show that has become so special to so many people around the world.

None of this could have happened without Battle’s amazing fans. You made this successful, you cheered on your Pairs, and for that we want to say THANK YOU!

We always love your feedback and would like to hear your stories of seeing yourself on TV or live in person! Comment below to let us know hear what you liked and where we can improve!

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