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March 8th: Kids Rock!

  • Feature interview with HEY BUSTER. The Ottawa-based kids-country quartet makes music that is simultaneously broccoli and candy for your ears! Dave Brown spoke to the band in their basement rehearsal space.
  • The Sprinterview this week features Kingston rap duo HEY KIDS! "Hey" seems to be a popular band name word with children's entertainers.

The Playlist for Saturday (in order):

  1. Different Kind of Rhythm by JENNIFER GASOI (Grammy winning kids' jazz)
  2. Oh My My (Mamma Yamma version) by JILL BARBER
  3. Itches by HEY BUSTER
  4. Eat the Alphabet by KATHLEEN EDWARDS (Mamma Yamma version)
  5. ABCs of You by FRED PENNER
  6. High Five by HEY KIDS!
  7. Cool It by RAFFI & DAVID SUZUKI
  8. Les Voyageurs by MIKE FORD
  9. The Gift by CITY & COLOUR (Mamma Yamma version)
  10. I Love the Mountains by CHARLIE HOPE
  11. Carwash by KRIS ABBOTT of KRIS + DEE
  12. Dinosaurs in my Kitchen by SPLASH 'N BOOTS
  13. My Bonny by LAURA SMITH (very little was played, non children's music)