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December 2013 Archives

Meredith Luce, Eliana Cuevas, & Song Quest!

Saturday, December 7th

  • Having barely entered her 20s, folk singer MEREDITH LUCE struggled with whether or not to continue making music at all. She wondered if the global airwaves really needed to be polluted with more "music stuff?" Thankfully for lovers of quality folk-rock, she decided it did. Now at the ripe old age of 25 she's releasing her fourth CD Creatures and it's far from pollution. 
  • Still searching for that perfect gift for someone special? How about a song written just for you by ELIANA CUEVAS? I chat with her to about the details of her December song project.
  • Four hot Ontario players shoot for a chance to make the Hockey Night in Canada / CBC MUSIC SONG QUEST Top 50: Sudbury's MOJO RADIO, Windsor's DALE D'AMORE, Ottawa's WAYNE LYRETTE, and Kapuskasing's BEND IN THE RIVER.