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November 2013 Archives

CFL Sessions, Grey Cup Ring, & other music things!

Saturday, November 23rd, 101st GREY CUP WEEKEND:
  • Roughriding a WHITEHORSE is a dangerous way to spend your Grey Cup weekend. How about just SPRINTERVIEW the band instead?
  • DONOVAN WOODS joked with me a couple years ago that he only exists during the CFL playoffs. Truth is, I don't need an excuse to play his music, but in the interests of favouritism, it's good to have one! Donovan speaks about the reasons behind his song "My Cousin Has a Grey Cup Ring."
  • Digging into the Bandwidth vault turned up some treasures: my first-ever Sprinterview! Back then it was called The 90 Second Egg and this one was with its creator: GRANT LAWRENCE. He's on tour with a new book and great Ontario songwriters are tagging along.
  • Another piece of radio gold (circa 2009) was with DR. HENRY ADAM SVEC. The then-PhD-student in media studies had released a project called THE CFL SESSIONS in which he claimed to have unearthed poorly recorded folk songs from 1970s CFL players then re-recorded them. (That was when he merely had a Masters in method acting.)

Mid-Movember with Downchild, Gentleman Reg, Jack Pine

  • Today on the show: MEN! For mid-Movember we'll hear from one songwriter in Ottawa whose mustachional anthem was played as the Movember flag was raised at City Hall at the beginning of this month: JACK PINE + THE FIRE.
  • We'll also hear from a band that's achieved legendary status in the blues world, not just in Canada, but North America. DOWNCHILD has been rockin and swingin since 1969, and Donnie Walsh (who's had a mustache the entire time) has a pretty good sense of humour about it. Hear him rock a Sprinterview along with lead singer Chuck Jackson.
  • One Ontario songwriter strikes the perfect balance to the macho of mustaches permeating the month. GENTLEMAN REG is his singer-songwriter persona, but he's Regina the Gentle Lady when he fronts his new band LIGHT FIRES. Gent Reg races through a hilarious Sprinterview as well.
  • Plus a true tossed-salad of music including classical pianist REA BEAUMONT, world-fusionists JAFFA ROAD, old-school pop from MICHAEL RAULT, new-school pop from KELLY MCMICHAEL, folk from THE GREENBANK TRIO, and hip hop from THE JOYNT who is touring Ottawa for Bullying Awareness Week which starts Sunday.

Chris McKhool Interview & "Meet the Parents" feature

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Chris McKhool, Scarlett Jane, & more

  • A little boy who grew up playing violin in Ottawa and who was regularly in attendance at the orchestra has made a career out of those memories...though they weren't all golden: CHRIS MCKHOOL recalls looking out his bedroom window while he practised violin  and seeing other kids playing basketball in the park. I guess it paid off in the end as after eight albums and countless tours he's definitely made a career of his music solo and with his band SULTANS OF STRING.
  • I'll also chat with Chris's Mom and Dad in a new feature I'm debuting called MEET THE PARENTS.
  • My Sprinterview with the ladies of SCARLETT JANE accidentally turned into a band intervention when I asked from whom they most like to get a hug...and they began to discuss why they should hug more often in their two-woman band! 
  • Plus tunes from THE GERTRUDES and BROCK ZEMAN as well as a poignant one from LEE HARVEY OSMOND's contribution to The Kennedy Suite.
  • Don't forget you still have a chance to enter CBC MUSIC's SONG QUEST for the next great Canadian hockey song.
See you on the radio!

Jean-Paul de Roover, Blue Rodeo, Jully Black

Saturday, Nov. 2nd: