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Donovan Woods, Ohbijou, Kobo Town, Leif Vollebekk

Saturday, August 31st:

Click here to view Ohbijou's sweetly touching good-bye video to fans. I'll have a final fry-up of a 90 Second Egg with Casey Mecija.

IMG-20130725-00529.jpgSarnia sensational singer-songwriter and Toronto inhabitant Donovan Woods stops by for a chat on how his degree in drama combined with self-proclaimed "middle-of-the-road looks" lead to a life in music.

Kobo Town proves calypso is alive and can be born in the most unlikely of places: like Ottawa! CBC Toronto's Garvia Bailey speaks to the band this week.


An encore play of my interview with Leif Vollebekk on his new album North Americana. Check out the cover: Thumbnail image for Vollebekk-Leif-North-Americana-Cover-Art.jpg