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Mental health & music: Laura Smith, David Francey, Larry Pegg

Saturday, May 4th:

The week of May 6-10th is the Canadian Mental Health Association's Mental Health Week. In truth one could fill a month of shows on the associations between mental health and music. Artists and listeners alike use music to help ourselves out of dark places. I'll touch on just a few:

- Laura Smith's triumphant return after 15 years. From depression in high school to dependence on narcotics, the folk singer's life has ridden as many waves as the boats she writes about.
- David Francey has a new album all about his period of personal struggle. We'll hear his song specifically about depression but we'll have some fun together in a 90 Second Egg.
- Larry Pegg's daughter died by suicide and his musical mission is to tell desperate kids: please, wait.
- Plus the winners of the CBC Music Festival Tickets!

May the 4th of music be with you...
Sorry, couldn't resist.

- Amanda
(ps. Tickets for the concert in Perth I mention on the show, with Kathleen Edwards & Iain Reid: Kelly's Flowers in Perth 613.464.3112)