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Danielle Duval: The Bandwidth Interview

Danielle Duval's music came to my attention a couple of years ago when a colleague from the Toronto TV newsroom sent an email. He said he works with Danielle on The National and she'd just put out a record.


I was smitten on first listen.


Danielle's an exercise in duality: thoughtful, introspective lyrics couched in mostly upbeat, toe-tapping melodies. She's an Anglophone Montreal native whose Lebanese grandparents spoke French to her. Her rookie full-lenth album Of the Valley has all kinds of cameos from established Canadian indie musicians; The Golden Dogs and Zeus among them.


I sat down to figure out exactly who this diminutive folk-pop player is.

Danielle started off by adjusting her own microphone in the studio, like she does for Peter Mansbridge every night that she's not on tour.

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