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The Hilotrons' last hurrah and live tunes from the Claytones

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As you can tell by the picture to your left, Hilotrons frontman Mike Dubue doesn't like to take an ordinary picture... and it's probably that same instinct that's created the Hilotrons' danceable mash up of electronic, pop and even internationl pop influenced music over the years.


But all good things must come to an end... and tonight at the Black Sheep Inn in Wakefield, QC, is the Hilotrons' last live show. Mike stopped by the studio to talk about why the band's calling it quits after 11 years... and to share some tracks from their final yet-to-be released album, At Least There's Commotion.



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And Almonte's Claytones stopped by the Bandwidth studios to talk about their debut album, Lake in the Night -- and to share a few live songs off the record! Oh, and they do a mighty fine impersonation of Alvin and the Chipmunks, too...




- Hilotrons TONIGHT at the Black Sheep Inn at 8:30pm


- The Claytones have a few live shows in the Ottawa Valley before they hop on the CP Holiday train, find them here


- Matthew Barber plays the 4th stage at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa tonight at 7:30pm


EXPAND YOUR BANDWIDTH! Bands, last-minute entries are accepted until midnight tonight... and voting starts at 6 p.m. tonight and runs until midnight on October 28th. To vote, check out more details here on the Bandwidth website.


Have a fantastic weekend, and I'll catch you back here next week!




Playlist for October 20th, 2012


Theme: MICHIGAN LEFT - Arkells

BOI KALAH - Jaffa Road

Sting: EMERGENCY STREET - Hilotrons

INTERVIEW - Mike Dubue of the Hilotrons

DANGER WORLD - Hilotrons (first listen off their upcoming album!)

Sting: SLIP AWAY - Danny Shamess

THE HITCHIKER - Our Shotgun Wedding (in the running for EXPAND YOUR BANDWIDTH)


EGG - Emile-Claire Barlow

CHEZ MOI - Emilie-Claire Barlow

Sting: BROTHER HOLD ON - The Claytones

INTERVIEW - The Claytones

OUT ON THE ROAD TONIGHT - The Claytones (live)

INTERVIEW - The Claytones

WON'T LET GO - The Claytones (live)

And the Track to Start your Saturday Night...

SOFT ONE - Matthew Barber