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Full Tipped Sleeve takes on Ottawa Folk Fest and LIVE music from the Brothers Chaffey

Full Tipped Sleeve 2.JPGHere in Ottawa, the capital is gearing up for Folk Fest! This year's lineup is fantastic, with awesome Ontario acts like Whitehorse, Kathleen Edwards and Danny Michel. Another great band playing? Full Tipped Sleeve, a rock group out of Ottawa (L to R: Sean Mallia, Hannah Fraser, Joe Fraser and Owen Maxwell). You wouldn't know it to hear them, but the band isn't even old enough to make it into the Folk Fest beer garden!


You'll also meet Aylmer's The Amazing Cropdusters and hear some great live music from Almonte's The Brothers Chaffey.


Be sure to check out Whitehorse's The Cabin Sessions, recorded at a cabin in Lake Eerie exclusively for CBC Music to celebrate their new album, The Fate of the World Depends on This Kiss.


Another cool thing to check out -- Live at the Opera, a great podcast of all sorts of great live shows from independent muscians who play at the Opera Cafe in North Bay, Ontario. Discover your new favourite Northern Ontario indie band! (and then email me at and tell me all about it!) 


The long weekend marks the start of a brand new fall radio season next week -- and we've got all sorts of great things planned in the coming months. Be sure to tune in next week for more music and interviews from the acts headlining Ottawa Folk Fest!


See you next week!



Playlist for September 1st, 2012


Theme: MICHIGAN LEFT - Arkells


Sting: PLACE TO REST MY HEAD - Full Tipped Sleeve

INTERVIEW - Full Tipped Sleeve

LET ME KNOW - Full Tipped Sleeve

Sting: MAGNETIC NORTH - Inlet Sound

TIN PAN BLUES - The Good Hunters


Sting: NAPANEE - The Amazing Cropdusters

INTERVIEW - The Amazing Cropdusters

LITTLE WHITE LIES - The Amazing Cropdusters

NO STRANGER - Pistol George Warren

Sting: FOOL - Brothers Chaffey

CAN'T HOLD ON TO A DIME - Brothers Chaffey (live)

I TRIED TO BE YOUR MAN - Brothers Chaffey (live)

And the Track to Start Your Saturday Night...