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Interview: Shawna Caspi

shawna caspi studio.jpg


By nature, singer-songwriters tend to write descriptive songs... But when you hear Shawna Caspi play, there's so much detail, you almost feel like you've fallen into a book. Shawna's originally from Ottawa, though she's now based in Toronto. And her latest album, Skyline, talks about that pull between living in the city and living in the country.


Click below to hear Meg's interview with Shawna, which aired on Bandwidth on Sept. 29th:



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Shawna Caspi shares her sweet songs and Metric rocks out

shawna caspi promo1-2012-hi.jpg


From folk to rock, Bandwidth's got you musically covered this week! Meg chats with Ottawa singer-songwriter Shawna Caspi (left) about her latest album, Skyline, and her early days in the Ottawa folk scene.


You'll also meet JoJo Worthington, an up and coming singer-songwriter from Waterloo. With her awesome voice and ukulele, JoJo proves you don't need a lot of fancy stuff to make beautiful songs. Case in point -- this video for her song Werewolf!



We've also got a special treat for you -- a LIVE session with Metric from their visit to Studio Q. Hear the band play songs off their latest album, Synthetica, and chat a bit about the band and their latest project.




- Shawna Caspi plays a house concert tonight in Port Hope -- details on her website


- Danny Shamess has a bunch of upcoming shows in Sudbury, check his website for more details


- Go Long(!) has CD release parties at the Brasseurs du Temps bar in Hull, QC on Sunday and Tuesday -- check the Facebook page for availability


- Ron Hawkins plays Beaus Oktoberfest in Vankleek Hill tonight! Check out the Beau's website for Saturday and Sunday show details


And that's it for this week! Be sure to tune in next week for live music and conversation with Whitehorse... and I'll be announcing an exciting Bandwidth contest!




Playlist for September 29th, 2012


Theme: MICHIGAN LEFT - Arkells

STOMPA - Serena Ryder

Sting: RUNNER - Shawna Caspi

INTERVIEW - Shawna Caspi

RED BRICK CAFE - Shawna Caspi


START OF A NEW THING - Danny Shamess

Sting: WEREWOLF - JoJo Worthington

INTERVIEW - JoJo Worthington

AMADEUS - JoJo Worthington

Sting: COMBAT BABY - Metric


SPEED THE COLLAPSE - Metric (live)

Sting: BIBINAY - Souljazz Orchestra

HURRICANE - Go Long(!)

And the Track to Start your Saturday Night...



Interview: Right by Midnight

right by midnight studio sit.jpg

There are some people who snub the 90s rock of bands like the Foo Fighters or Oasis... and then there are those who revel in it.

Ottawa rockers Right By Midnight are definitely in the latter category... though they do put their own modern spin on their 90s inspired sound.

The band's second album is called Leave the Door Open -- and it comes out in a week and a half.


Click below to hear Meg's interview with Kris Ward and Charles Downey, which aired on Bandwidth on September 22nd:


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Interview: Wendy Versus

wendy vs outside smile.jpg

You know how it happens... you're hanging out with a bunch of friends... someone makes an offhand comment... then you hear it:


"Man, that would be an awesome band name."

In this particular case, it was bandmates Wendy Leung and Dean Marino... and the name was Crayon Wars.
Wendy and Dean loved it... but somehow it didn't seem like a band name -- more of an album name.
So, when Wendy and Dean met up with Owen Norquay to form the band Wendy Versus, they didn't even have to debate what their debut album would be called.

Click below to hear Meg's interview with electro-poppers Wendy Versus, which aired on Bandwidth on September 22nd:


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From electro-pop to 90s rock to Letterman...

wendy vs outside no smile.jpg... Bandwidth covers a lot of ground this weekend! First up, Meg chats with Toronto elctro-poppers Wendy Versus (L to R: Owen Norquay, Wendy Leung and Dean Marino) -- 2/3 of which who are also in the rock band Papermaps -- about their debut album, Crayon Wars. The album was a Toronto-New York collaboration that had its name before it even finished... Wendy Leung (band namesake and lead singer) will tell you how that happened!



right by midnight studio stand.jpg

Ottawa rockers Right by Midnight (L to R: Kris Ward and Charles Downey) stopped by the Bandwidth studios to talk about their new album, Leave the Door Open. If you're in or around Ottawa, hit up their CD Release Party on Friday, Sept. 28th at Maverick's! More info on the band's website.


If you can believe it, the Polaris Prize Gala is almost here -- it's happening on Monday! Ontario nominees include Kathleen Edwards, Feist, Drake, Cold Specks, Effed Up, and Yamantaka//Sonic Titan. If you want to catch the gala live, head to -- they'll be livestreaming the Polaris pre-show AND the Gala starting at 7 pm.m ET on Monday.


Who do YOU think will win the Polaris? I'd love to hear your thoughts -- email me at or tweet me @BandwidthCBC!


Of Gentlemen and Cowards2.JPG

Hamilton indie-rockers Of Gentlemen and Cowards were on Letterman this week after winning a contest to have their song Save Me in a film made by Letterman's production company. The boys have been living it up this week in NYC, but took a few minutes to chat with Bandwidth (from a random parking lot en route to their next stop!)


Check out the band's performance on Letterman here:




And while we're watching awesome videos on YouTube... check out Windsor singer-songwriter Crissi Cochrane's acoustic performance of Drive All Night (complete with awesome olive green VW van):





- Nick Ferrio & His Feelings are playing in Toronto on Sept. 27th and Hamilton the 28th -- show details on his website


- Right by Midnight CD release party at Maverick's Bar in Ottawa on Sept. 28th, more info on their website


Whew, I think that's everything for this week! Catch ya back here next Saturday... and if you want any extra Bandwidth updates during the week, like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter!




Playlist for September 22nd, 2012


Theme: MICHIGAN LEFT - Arkells

NIGHT GARDEN - Nick Ferrio & His Feelings

Sting: LITTLE BIRD - Wendy Versus

INTERVIEW - Wendy Versus

CONTROL -Wendy Versus

Sting: YOU CAN'T STOP (THE MACHINE) - Cadence Weapon


Sting: PAPER PLANES - Of Gentlemen and Cowards

INTERVIEW - Of Gentlemen and Cowards

SAVE ME - Of Gentlemen and Cowards

Sting: STUBBORN AND LAZY - Right by Midnight

INTERVIEW - Right By Midnight

DOWN THAT ROAD - Right by Midnight

Sting: I WON'T TRY TO BREAK YOUR HEART - Crissi Cochrane

DRIVE ALL NIGHT - Crissi Cochrane

And the Track to Start Your Saturday Night...


Interview: Danny Michel

danny michel studio sit.jpg



Click below to hear Meg's interview with singer-songwriter Danny Michel, which aired on Bandwidth on Sept. 15th.



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Interview: Souljazz Orchestra

souljazz studio sit.jpg


Click below to hear Meg's interview with Pierre Chretien and Mariele Rivard from the Souljazz Orchestra, which aired Sept. 15th.



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Bandwidth puts some Belize and some Souljazz in your Saturday

souljazz studio stand.jpgIt may be September, but you wouldn't know it from the hot music you'll be hearing this week. Ottawa's the Souljazz Orchestra is releasing their sizzling fifth album, Solidarity, on Monday, and two of the band members, Pierre Chretien and Mariele Rivard, stopped by the Bandwidth studios to talk about the new record and their upcoming European tour.



danny michel studio cbc bag.jpg


Danny Michel also stopped by (with a stylish retro CBC bag!) to talk about his new album, Black Birds are Dancing Over Me -- which he recorded in Belize! We also talked about Danny's Ottawa connection -- he may be from Waterloo, but it was in the capital that his solo music career first started.



The SOCAN ECHO Songwriters prize nominees are out, and they are Kathleen Edwards, Dan Mangan, John K. Samson, the Japandroids and Sloan. The winner's decided by public vote, so vote online for your pick! All of the info's at




- The Souljazz Orchestra plays Babylon Nightclub in Ottawa on September 22nd; European tour dates are on their website

- Shad plays at the House of Paint festival in Ottawa tomorrow, Sept. 16th -- check out the website for a full lineup

- Jason Blaine plays the Ottawa Farm Aid benefit Sunday, Sept. 16th

- the Arboretum Festival is on today, Sept. 15th, at the Ottawa Jail Hostel. More info at their website.


Have a great rest of your weekend and I'll catch you back here next Saturday!




Playlist for September 15th, 2012


Theme: MICHIGAN LEFT - Arkells

GUARDIAN - Alanis Morissette

Sting: SERVE & PROTECT - Souljazz Orchestra

INTERVIEW - Souljazz Orchestra

CARTAO POSTAL - Souljazz Orchestra

Sting: POST-WAR BLUES - Dan Mangan

SOFT PLACE TO LAND - Kathleen Edwards (nominee, the SOCAN ECHO Songwriter Prize)

Sting: NO TREAT - Atherton


Sting: JUST THE WAY I AM - Danny Michel

INTERVIEW - Danny Michel

COLD ROAD - Danny Michel

LITTLE MORE WORK - Kira Isabella

THEY DON'T MAKE EM LIKE THAT ANYMORE - Jason Blaine (CCMA Single of the Year) 

And the Track to Start Your Saturday Night...

BOBCAT GOLDWRAITH - Jokers of the Scene remix of The Acorn 

Interview: Kayla Howran




Click below to hear Meg's interview with Peterborough country crooner Kayla Howran, which aired on Bandwidth on September 8th.



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Bandwidth: now with more twang!

Kayla howran studio 2.JPG


Tomorrow marks the Canadian Country Music Awards (also known as the CCMAs) and to celebrate, Bandwidth's putting a bit more twang in your Saturday!


You'll meet Kayla Howran, a singer-songwriter from Peterbrough who's sound is country through and through. Kayla said when she was young she tried to rebel against her country upbringing and play folk music... but even her renditions of Ani DiFranco had a noticeable twang to them...




Kalle photo2.JPG



Ottawa rocker Kalle Mattson is taking on the 90-second egg this week... AND you'll get to hear the band's brand new single, Pick Me Up!


You'll also get to hear a Bandwidth first listen -- the RADIO PREMIERE of a new track off singer-songwriter Jadea Kelly's yet-to-be-released album. It's great!







- Melissa Payne plays in Ottawa on Sept 15th at the Rainbow Bistro. More tour dates are on her website

- you can find more info on the Searchmont Music Festival (happening today!) on their site

- Kalle Mattson's tour dates are all on his Facebook page

- Jadea Kelly's shows are all listed on her website

- and, of course, don't forget to check this weekend's listings for Ottawa Folk Fest!



And that wraps things up for this Saturday! Be sure to tune in next week -- I've got interviews with the Souljazz Orchestra AND Danny Michel -- who both have new albums coming out on Sept. 18th.


Catcha next week!



Playlist for September 8th, 2012


Theme: MICHIGAN LEFT - Arkells

TAKE ME AWAY - Melissa Payne

Sting: WHAT COLOUR ARE YOU? - Danny Michel


INTERVIEW - Kayla Howran

RAISE NO FOOL - Kayla Howran

Sting: SHOW ME A MAN - Sunday Wilde

RIGHT ON CUE - Al Wood and the Woodsmen

Sting: SUN IS GONE - Kalle Mattson

EGG - Kalle Mattson

PICK ME UP - Kalle Mattson

Sting: STAIRWAY - Yukon Blonde


Sting: DEIRDRE - Jadea Kelly

COAL MINE - Jadea Kelly (live)

WILD WEST RAIN - Jadea Kelly (radio premiere!)

And the Track to Start Your Saturday Night...

LITTLE MORE WORK - Kira Isabella




Interview: Full Tipped Sleeve

Full Tipped Sleeve studio 1.JPG


Click below to hear Meg's interview with Ottawa rock band Full Tipped Sleeve, which aired on Bandwidth on Sept. 1st.



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Full Tipped Sleeve takes on Ottawa Folk Fest and LIVE music from the Brothers Chaffey

Full Tipped Sleeve 2.JPGHere in Ottawa, the capital is gearing up for Folk Fest! This year's lineup is fantastic, with awesome Ontario acts like Whitehorse, Kathleen Edwards and Danny Michel. Another great band playing? Full Tipped Sleeve, a rock group out of Ottawa (L to R: Sean Mallia, Hannah Fraser, Joe Fraser and Owen Maxwell). You wouldn't know it to hear them, but the band isn't even old enough to make it into the Folk Fest beer garden!


You'll also meet Aylmer's The Amazing Cropdusters and hear some great live music from Almonte's The Brothers Chaffey.


Be sure to check out Whitehorse's The Cabin Sessions, recorded at a cabin in Lake Eerie exclusively for CBC Music to celebrate their new album, The Fate of the World Depends on This Kiss.


Another cool thing to check out -- Live at the Opera, a great podcast of all sorts of great live shows from independent muscians who play at the Opera Cafe in North Bay, Ontario. Discover your new favourite Northern Ontario indie band! (and then email me at and tell me all about it!) 


The long weekend marks the start of a brand new fall radio season next week -- and we've got all sorts of great things planned in the coming months. Be sure to tune in next week for more music and interviews from the acts headlining Ottawa Folk Fest!


See you next week!



Playlist for September 1st, 2012


Theme: MICHIGAN LEFT - Arkells


Sting: PLACE TO REST MY HEAD - Full Tipped Sleeve

INTERVIEW - Full Tipped Sleeve

LET ME KNOW - Full Tipped Sleeve

Sting: MAGNETIC NORTH - Inlet Sound

TIN PAN BLUES - The Good Hunters


Sting: NAPANEE - The Amazing Cropdusters

INTERVIEW - The Amazing Cropdusters

LITTLE WHITE LIES - The Amazing Cropdusters

NO STRANGER - Pistol George Warren

Sting: FOOL - Brothers Chaffey

CAN'T HOLD ON TO A DIME - Brothers Chaffey (live)

I TRIED TO BE YOUR MAN - Brothers Chaffey (live)

And the Track to Start Your Saturday Night...