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From Markham to Mali...

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 It's July already?! Hope you had a great Canada Day!


This week, Bandwidth delves in to the Vault (ok, so maybe the vault is more figurative than literal) to pull out our chat with Kiran Ahluwalia, world music superstar and two time Juno winner (left). Kiran's originally from Markham, but she's travelled and performed around the world -- and she has plenty of great stories to share!



You'll also hear some great LIVE music from City and Colour -- also known as Dallas Green (on the left). It's from a show recorded at last year's Calgary Folk Festival -- and if you want to hear the whole show, click here to find it on CBC Music.





- you can find Donna LeClair's upcoming gigs on her CBC Music page

- Brian Dunn's upcoming shows are listed on his website


Catch you next week!




Playlist for July 7th, 2012


Theme: MICHIGAN LEFT - Arkells

I'M JUST ME - Diamond Rings

Sting: MATADJEM - Kiran Ahluwalia

INTERVIEW - Kiran Ahluwalia

MUSTT MUSTT - Kiran Ahluwalia


Sting: TVs - Brian Dunn

COUNTRY - Brian Dunn

Sting: NATURAL DISASTER - City and Colour

SLEEPING SICKNESS - City and Colour (live)

WAITING - City and Colour (live)

SILVER & GOLD - City and Colour (live)

FRAGILE BIRD - City and Colour (live)

And the Track to Start Your Saturday Night...

SAX IS DEAD - Matt Dorgan Project