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The EP versus the LP

Audrey Jr album.jpgAll great bands have to start somewhere... and this week, Bandwidth is looking at awesome Ontario acts that are taking a big musical first step: their first full album.


Little Stella is a folk-rock band out of Manotick that's busily preparing to record their first LP -- and have made some big life choices to do it.


Glenn Nuotio is an Ottawa-based musician who's enlisting YOUR help to raise the money to record his first album. If he succeeds -- and he's already 75% of the way there -- it will be his 40th birthday present to himself. Check out his campaign at


And Audrey Junior is a Toronto-based band that takes do-it-yourself to the max -- they write their music, record in their in-house studio AND even print their own album covers! Check out this awesome YouTube video that shows the band playing -- and printing.


And Amanda Putz helps out with the show despite being on leave (she's sneaky that way!) with a rather revealing 90-second egg with Kelly Sloan.


I also gave out those Zeus CDs -- if you missed out, better luck next time!


Have a great rest of your weekend -- and give me a shout with any questions, comments or requests.


Cheers to a great St. Patrick's Day,





Playlist - Saturday, March 17, 2012


Theme: SHOULD'VE COME OVER - Hilotrons

WALKING ON WATER - Johnny Reid and Serena Ryder

INTERVIEW - Little Stella

EGG - Kelly Sloan

MOUTH IN MIND - Kelly Sloan


MINI PROFILE - Glenn Nuotio

INTERVIEW - Lucas Wilson from Audrey Junior

CYCLONE - Audrey Junior

And... the Track to Start Your Saturday Night...