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All Searchlight! An Ontario survey so far...

Thumbnail image for searchlight-logo-yamaha.jpgThe entire show (produced by the wonderful Jessa Runciman this week) is devoted to Searchlight entries / discoveries from the great province of Ontario. You'll hear:

Searchlight, Cole Fournier, The Split, & Celtic music

  • searchlight-logo-yamaha.jpgIt's that time of year again, when CBC Music hunts down the hottest act poised to break out on the scene. Up until next Sunday March 23rd bands and soloists can get their names into SEARCHLIGHT. Today on Bandwidth I'll feature some Ontarians who have already done that:

  • This isn't the first Canadian music contest COLE FOURNIER has entered. When he was just 19 the North Bay boy gave Canadian Idol a whirl, which, he jokes may affect his credibility as a manly singer-songwriter now. One listen to Cole's heartbreaking debut, and you know it hasn't.

  • Ottawa's Curtis Chaffey has entered his soul band of brothers: THE SPLIT, into the Searchlight ring. I nabbed him for a Sprinterview, in which he disses my beloved Canadian prairie!

  • Intrepid music reporter Dave Brown digs into whether Celtic bands like THE SHERIDAN BAND and THE AMERICAN ROGUES feel there is a feast and famine effect around St. Patrick's Day.

  • Plus music from other Searchlight contenders SUNDAY WILDE and THE KNACKERS.


March 8th: Kids Rock!

  • Feature interview with HEY BUSTER. The Ottawa-based kids-country quartet makes music that is simultaneously broccoli and candy for your ears! Dave Brown spoke to the band in their basement rehearsal space.
  • The Sprinterview this week features Kingston rap duo HEY KIDS! "Hey" seems to be a popular band name word with children's entertainers.

The Playlist for Saturday (in order):

  1. Different Kind of Rhythm by JENNIFER GASOI (Grammy winning kids' jazz)
  2. Oh My My (Mamma Yamma version) by JILL BARBER
  3. Itches by HEY BUSTER
  4. Eat the Alphabet by KATHLEEN EDWARDS (Mamma Yamma version)
  5. ABCs of You by FRED PENNER
  6. High Five by HEY KIDS!
  7. Cool It by RAFFI & DAVID SUZUKI
  8. Les Voyageurs by MIKE FORD
  9. The Gift by CITY & COLOUR (Mamma Yamma version)
  10. I Love the Mountains by CHARLIE HOPE
  11. Carwash by KRIS ABBOTT of KRIS + DEE
  12. Dinosaurs in my Kitchen by SPLASH 'N BOOTS
  13. My Bonny by LAURA SMITH (very little was played, non children's music) 

The Acorn, The Marrieds, Sam Cash...

Oh! The beauty. On today's show at 5pm: a Bandwidth Stripped-Down Session with The Acorn. Rolf Klausener sings sexy bedroom jams, Adam Saikaley plays gorgeous piano lines, and Pat Johnson's deft snare skills keep it all in-time. Plus Sam Cash & The Romantic Dogs in conversation and The Marrieds get Sprinterviewed! All that and a new tune from Charlie Angus too!

Thumbnail image for Acorn & Hilotrons Sessions 002.jpg

Listen to The Acorn session again here.

Artificially Intelligent Folk Songs of Canada: the Dr. Svec interview

IMG_2392_edited_small_0203015615398.pngLast year Henry Adam Svec became Dr. Svec, after successfully defending his thesis in media studies at the University of Western Ontario.

In the years he's laboured in academia publishing papers, he's also managed to combine his interests and studies in media history and theory, stardom, celebrity culture, pop music, tactical and alternative media--not to mention acting--into six musical releases.

I was thrilled to be able to once again speak to Henry, this time about his new project called Artificially Intelligent Folk Songs of Canada Vol. 1.

Dr. Svec joined me in the Bandwidth studio via Skype from his home in London, Ontario.


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Artificially Intelligent Folk Songs & Sultans of String

Saturday, February 8th:


  • London's HENRY ADAM SVEC managed to release five musical projects while climbing the academic ladder toward a PhD in media studies. Along with his title of Dr. Svec comes his sixth: a collaboration with a mysterious Czech computer programmer (who has since vanished) and their brain-child LIVINGSTON. It is software that spat out Svec's new album entitled Artificially Intelligent Folk Songs of Canada Vol. 1 (Download here.)
  • A Sprinterview with SULTANS OF STRING and a contest to win two pairs of tickets to see them with the Sudbury Symphony Orchestra (or a CD prize pack if you're nowhere near Sudbury).

Jill Barber, Summer song requests, Kris & Dee contest winners

Saturday, February 1st:
  • Chances are you've heard of JILL BARBER but I bet you didn't know that as a kid she longed to meet Paula Abdul and loathed hockey...learn more in our Sprinterview!

Elton Adams, #BellLetsTalk, Kris and Dee, Loon Choir

Saturday, January 25th:

  • Canadian Forces army Sergeant ELTON ADAMS "keeps the mental demons at bay" thanks to rock and roll. Tours in Bosnia and Afghanistan may mean an uphill battle with those demons, but he has a bright outlook and credits song writing and his wife for being his emotional balm. 
  • KRIS AND DEE think fast in a Sprinterview (rapid fire Q+A) and chat about their efforts to pull back from capitalism and try to live more simply. Plus: answer a question pulled from the interview for a chance to win a signed CD.
  • A revisit of our stripped-down session with LOON CHOIR last spring. Listen again here.

Her Harbour, Monkeyjunk, John Findlay

Saturday, January 18th:

  • Ottawa's own HER HARBOUR / Gabrielle Giguere tells-all in a Sprinterview. It's likely the first time she's spoken to a journalist about her favourite childhood toy: Sam the Monkey!
  • If he's still around I think he may enjoy the feature interview this week with blues trio MONKEYJUNK. The band spoke to CBC's Alan Neal about their rocking new record All Frequencies.
  • I'll also have another rapid-fire Q+A with jazz guitarist JOHN FINDLAY, who reveals his true feelings about Auto-Tune.
  • Plus spins from  a few of the new releases that have been piling up beside monitor. Including PISTOL GEORGE WARREN, JOE LAPINSKI, THE BALCONIES, and RAE BILLING.

Brock Zeman, Rant Maggie Rant, The Strumbellas

Saturday, January 11th:

  • Stratford might be best known for Bieber and theatre, but if RANT MAGGIE RANT have anything to say about it, it'll soon be famous for its Celtic folk! (The band plays Sarnia, Port Huron, London, Hamilton, & Ottawa soon.)
  • BROCK ZEMAN's discography has hit double-digits, so it was a good time to call up the country-rocker at The Big Muddy, his home-studio in Lanark, for a Sprinterview. (Touring Wakefield (11th), Renfew, Carleton Place.)
  • THE STRUMBELLAS have acquired fans as fast as they have loaded miles on the odometer this past year. I spoke to the band from Lindsay about all their firsts: fans, tour, song on the radio...(Live in Ottawa (11th), Almonte, Kemptville, & the U.S. in January.)
  • Plus tunes from PTARMIGAN and FITNESS CLUB FIASCO. (Playing Toronto and Guelph.)