July 2012

Episode 6: Mashup

Whether it's in the baseball dugout, at home, or out in the community, many Canadians are spicing up their English conversation by tossing in words... Read More »


Winner: Best Borrowed Word Contest!

Babel's best borrowed word is: pochemuchka (poh-chay-MOOCH-ka). It's a Russian word that means someone who asks too many questions. It comes from the word "pochemu"... Read More »

Episode 5: Infiltrators

Creative new words are popping up daily on the internet, in boardrooms and in classrooms. A recent study by Harvard University and Google shows that... Read More »


Episode 4: The Gap

From media personalities to parents and politicians, there's a drive to sound more conversational and less authoritative. Sure, there's virtue in people talking to people,... Read More »


Interview: Court interpreting

With more Canadians speaking English as a second language, quality court interpreters are crucial to help ensure justice is served. But experts say there's an... Read More »

My English: Anna Yin

Chinese-Canadian poet Anna Yin writes in English. She contributed to the "My English" segment of Episode 3: "Lost and found in English translation".... Read More »

CONTEST: Best Borrowed Word

Babel is holding a Best Borrowed Word contest. We're looking for the best new word from a foreign language that Canadian English is missing. Zarqa... Read More »

Episode 3: Lost & Found in Translation

On any given day in this country, we're speaking about 150 languages: from Cantonese to Punjabi to Arabic. And that means the possibility of something... Read More »