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Should We Have Stayed At Home, Wherever That May Be...

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Elizabeth Bishop is considered one of the most distinguished American poets of the twentieth century.

What's not so well known is her deep connection to the Maritimes. And the deep connection many people here feel to her.

Carmen Klassen tells us how local Bishop fans and scholars are celebrating her centenary.

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Becoming an Island...Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

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This summer, for the first time in more than 150 years, there will be no ferry service between South West Nova Scotia, and the coast of Maine.

In December the Nova Scotia government pulled a subsidy for the company that runs the high-speed CAT between Yarmouth and Bar Harbour.

Without that money, Bay Ferries says it can't offer the service anymore. The blow for the town, and surrounding area will be devastating, and residents say the impact will be felt across the region.


International Women for International Women's Day!

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The experiences of immigrant women in Canada are as varied as the women themselves.
Whether they encounter a land of opportunity - or an obstacle course - depends on many things, including what they've left behind.

But one thing is clear - if the women are happy and engaged, the whole family is more likely to want to stay in a community.

Maritime Magazine marks International Women's Day with stories from women who've come to this region.

The CBC's Lisa Roberts brings us their stories.

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Never Too Old To Start... Part 2

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We follow-up our story about 87 year old Sidney Gould, and his commitment to staying active, with some of your comments, and a discussion about the latest theories on aging. Guests include Janice Keefe from Mount St Vincent University, and Deborah Van Den Hoonaard from St Thomas University.

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This Week...a story that proves age really is just a number.

After his wife died, Sidney Gould traveled a bit, took some bus tours, puttered around the seniors complex where he lives.

The kinds of things many older people do when they find themselves alone. But Sidney was searching for something more, and he didn't even know what it was, until he walked through the doors of a dance studio in Halifax.

Freelance reporter Shaina Luck brought us Sidney story...and these photos of him at "Ready to Rumba's" hula hoop class.

Check out Shaina's blog here.

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Dearest Sweetheart...The Love Letters of Grant and Connie Samuelson

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It may be easier than ever to communicate your every thought to a special someone.
But one thing's for sure...a torrid text will never match up to the beauty of a real, handwritten love letter.

Maritime Magazine is celebrating Valentine's Day with a batch of letters written by an engaged couple in the 1940s.

And the story of a daughter who fell for her parents all over again.
(Please note the music has been changed or removed due to rights issues.)

God's Hand is On Them...The Story of the Nova Scotia Mass Choir

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This week Maritime Magazine is raising the rafters, with an inside look at a group of people who have been promoting racial harmony and cultural diversity - through music - for nearly two decades.

In it's heyday, the Nova Scotia Mass Choir headlined a national television show, produced a couple of acclaimed CDs and picked up two East Coast Music Awards.

Our documentary this week was produced in part by the Choir's charismatic former director, Woody Woods.


Test of Faith

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This week a troubled Maritime parish greeted its new spiritual leader. But what will it actually take to bring a catholic community rocked by scandal and abuse - back to the church? Wendy Martin introduces us to some of the people affected by the controversy in the Diocese of Antigonish, in her documentary "Test of Faith"

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Across the Cancer Causeway

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This week Maritime Magazine takes us inside the largest long-term cancer study ever undertaken in this country. The Canadian Partnership for Tomorrow project will follow the health of 300,000 volunteers over the next 30 years. In this region, the project is called Atlantic Path, and many of you may have received brochures in the mail asking you to take part. Cape Breton in particular may have a special role to play in unlocking some of cancer's secrets. Pauline Dakin explains why.

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Update - Hands Across The Sea Haiti

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This week Maritime Magazine checks in with a woman who has made it her life's work to help the children of Haiti. Karen Huxter runs a school and orphanage about 150 kilomentres outside Port Au Prince. It's called Hands Across the Sea-Haiti, and the charity's board of directors is based in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. Maritime Magazine's producer Christina Harnett brings us an update.

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