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Middle of Somewhere

Posted by Christina Harnett

Vance Glover has recovered quite a bit since the car accident that left him with a brain injury more than fourteen years ago.

But the Millvale, Prince Edward Island man is still waiting for something...he's waiting to remember the daughter he lost that day.

Doctors say Vance may never fully remember her - and that maybe it's better this way.

This week on Maritime Magazine, the CBC's Julia Cook tells us Vance's story in her documentary, Middle of Somewhere.

The Sad Tale of Maggie Vail

Posted by Christina Harnett

It's a tale that's been passed down through songs and stories....a part of the folklore of Saint John, New Brunswick.

But the tragedy surrounding the death of Sarah Margaret Vail and her baby, Ella Mae, has touched off a very modern response.

Sarah Trainor tells us about a group of people - including a police officer, and a Vail descendant - who believe she should be remembered now.

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