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Frank McKenna on Petroleum Pipelines

Posted by Christina Harnett

The former premier of New Brunswick - and current deputy chair of Toronto Dominion Bank of Canada - has been talking about the need for cross-provincial pipelines.

Frank McKenna believes the delays in constructing pipes to carry Alberta oil products to new markets is costing the country dearly.

He spoke with Maritime Magazine's Harry Forestell last week.

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The Right House

Posted by Christina Harnett

26 year old Nichelle Benn is looking for a home...but not just any home.

At a time when most young people her age are striking out on their own, Nichelle choices are mostly out of her control.

She has an intellectual disability that makes it impossible to live with her own family.

But she's convinced the large facility she's currently living in isn't right for her either.

The CBC's Margot Brunelle looks at the struggle to find appropriate housing for people with disabilities.

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The Mutti Journals; A Mother's Legacy

Posted by Christina Harnett


In 1939 Asta Jacob sent her young daughter, Ilsa out of Nazi Germany.

It was the last time they would see each other, though Ilsa, alone in England, tried not to give up hope.

All through the war she read and re-read her mother's letters, and started a journal to keep a record of everything that was happening to her, in hopes of one day sharing it with her Mutti, her mother Asta.

Reporter Pam Berman brings us a documentary about Ilsa's life, told through Asta's letters, Ilsa's journals... and the memories of her daughter Judith.

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