January 2013 Archives

Gun Violence in Halifax

Posted by Christina Harnett

Twenty years ago - even ten years ago - it was rare for a police officer in the region's largest city to find a gun at a crime scene.

Now it's becoming distressingly common.

This week Maritime Magazine producer Christina Harnett looks at the issue of gun violence in the Nova Scotia capital; how it evolved, who's doing the crimes, and what law enforcement officials are doing about it.

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The Forest and the Trees

Posted by Christina Harnett

This week freelancer writer Chris Benjamin brings us a story about the delicate balance between managing jobs in the forestry industry...and managing the ecology of the forest.

In Nova Scotia, decades old leases negotiated between forestry companies and the provinicial government led to clear-cutting on crown land.

The end of those leases - and the election of an NDP government - led many environmentalists to see a golden opportunity, a chance to move toward a more sustainable industry.

But so far they say it isn't happening.

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What's So Great About Shrew Spit?

Posted by Christina Harnett

2012 was a banner year for a small New Brunswick company that made its name ...with shrew spit.

Soricimed Biopharma Inc. began after a biochemist discovered that the venomous saliva of the rodents in his backyard seemed to kill ovarian cancer cells.

Dr Jack Stewart was teaching at Mt Allison at the time.

Now, more than ten years later the drug his company developed from that initial discovery is undergoing human trials.

Pauline has been following the Soricimed story for the last several years. This week we get an update.

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Year End Show

Posted by Christina Harnett

Usually at the end of the year, programs such as ours look back at the most memorable stories they're covered.

Instead we decided to do something a bit different; we invited our colleagues from across the region to tell us about the people they met or the things that happened to them while out in the field this year.

The stories are touching, funny and - in some cases - very unexpected, and we hope to make this an annual tradition.

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