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Camp Mini Ha Ha

Posted by Christina Harnett

Every Fall, for more than 10 years miniaturists from Canada, the US and the UK have gathered in Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia.

They spend 5 days building miniature replicas of real-life objects at a place they call Camp Mini Ha Ha.
It's the brainchild of three people, Debbie Parrot and Cheryl Hartlen from Nova Scotia - and Marcy Cumberland from the US.
About 30 campers go every year, and while men are welcome, so far most of them have been women.
Writer, actor and regular CBC contributor Jackie Torrens, has a thing for people whose interests are off the beaten path.
We sent her to Mini Camp for two days, and there she found that big revelations can be had, even in a world so small....

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Living with Our History

Posted by Christina Harnett

Across the Maritimes there are plaques, statues, place names and school names honouring the region's colonial heroes.

But how much do most of us know about people such as Colonial Robert Monkton, or Lord Andrew Rollo or Geoffrey Amherst?

And if we DID know all about them...would we still want to celebrate them?

This week on Maritime Magazine, an amateur history sleuth finds out the story behind one of the plaques in Halifax's Victorian-era Public Gardens. And a local historian looks at the issues inherent in celebrating our colonial past.

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Climbing The Hill

Posted by Christina Harnett

Five years ago, when tragedy struck Janet Ogilvie, she didn't know how she would keep going.
In many ways her life stopped that felt like her heart had stopped.
But a chance meeting with a young man from Prince Edward Island, set her on a path to a new life...on a farm, far from her Ontario home.
Sunday on Maritime Magazine reporter Sarah Keaveny-Vos brings us Janet's story.

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