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The Colored Home

Posted by Christina Harnett


Opened in 1921, for many years the Nova Scotia Home for Colored Children was the only orphanage in the province that would accept black children.

In fact children from across the region were sent there.

While the Home is a symbol of refuge and community spirit for many people, it's also the target of controversy.

Several dozen people have come forward to say they were abused and neglected by former staff and residents.

The claims have been slowly making their way through the court system for almost a decade.

Our story this week comes from freelance reporter, Bethany Horne.

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Ground Support

Posted by Christina Harnett

Soon the veterans of Canada's Armed Forces will once again gather at public squares and cenotaphs to mark Remembrance Day.

But not all of them will go home when the ceremonies are over.

Many of them don't have a home.

The CBC's Shaina Luck brings us a documentary about how some former veterans are trying to help their brothers-in-arms.

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Jim Lowther, president of V.E.T.S. Canada. Photo: CBC News

Jim Lowther speaking with a homeless veteran. Photo: CBC News

The Supers

Posted by Christina Harnett

This season on Maritime Magazine, we are focusing on issues in education and the public school system.

Recently we had a chance to speak with three school board superintendents, to ask them to respond to parent concerns.

We would also like to hear your questions or comments on what they had to say, and what you think about the state of public education in the Maritimes.

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