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Love for Gambia

Posted by Christina Harnett

In this episode we run along with Erin Poirer as she crosses the country of Gambia in West Africa.

Born on PEI, Erin usually works as a nurse at a high school in Halifax.

But this past summer she combined her love of running with her passion for Africa...she ran more than 400 kilometres and raised more than $34,000 for a charity that does development work in the Gambia.

She took a tape recorder along to record her impressions, and the stories of the people she met.

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Erin's website

Two Planks, Twenty Years and Three Acts

Posted by Christina Harnett

Auidience Photo For Background.jpg
This year marks the twentieth anniversary of Nova Scotia's Two Planks and a Passion Theatre.

For most of that time, audiences and theatre professionals have been making the trek to a gorgeous, but remote spot on the North Mountain, in King's County.

That's where Two Planks' founders - and married couple - Chris O'Neil and Ken Schwartz have their Ross Creek Centre for the Arts.

The CBC's Carmen Klassen visited them there.

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Blessing and A Curse

Posted by Christina Harnett

This week we have an unforgettable story about a family from Prince Edward Island who travelled to the South Pacific to help lift a one-hundred and fifty year old curse!

The story comes to us from the CBC's Julia Cook.

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