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The Search for Boundary Rock

Posted by Christina Harnett

This week Philip Moscovitch takes us on a quest to find a piece of Maritime folklore that hasn't been seen in a century.

Earlier this spring Philip went along on a canoe trip, deep into Nova Scotia's Tobeatic Wilderness Area.

The group was searching for a huge piece of granite that marks the boundaries of four counties. It used to be a common sight, but now no one is entirely sure where it is.

And the group, led by Fredericton's Paul Maybee, hoped to be the first to find the Boundary Rock in at least a generation.

Listen to Boundary Rock

Boundary Rock Photos on Flickr


Posted by Christina Harnett

Micro-finance is the notion of providing small loans to people in developing countries to set themselves up in businesss.

"Micro-research", based on a similar idea, is a new concept developed by two pediatric specialists at the region's largest children's hospital.

Pauline met with Dr Noni MacDonald and Dr Bob Bortolussi to find out more.


Year of the Rat

Posted by Christina Harnett

Where there are humans...there are rats.

In the Maritimes alone, experts put the rat census at about 50 to 60 thousand, or enough to fill the region's biggest arena six times over!

So even though most of us wish they wouldn't, it's easy to see why rats often show up in our...personal space.

Freelancer Lezlie Lowe goes where few dare to tread in her documentary, Year of the Rat.

Year of the Rat